Workshop 1: Language revitalisation, mobility and the transformation of community

22-23 May 2017, Aberystwyth University

Programme for Workshop 1

The first workshop will explore the role that the local, territorially defined, community plays in our lives today, and by doing so, re-evaluate its influence in determining patterns of language use. As part of this, participants will consider the implications of the shift towards increasingly mobile lives that cover a wider geographic area. They will also discuss the implications of the decline, in many locations, in informal social capital and the implications of the revolution in communication technology and the advent of what is described as the ‘network society'. Finally, participants will seek to link themes to contemporary patterns of international and intranational (e.g. urbanization and counter-urbanization) migration.

Workshop Briefing Report 1: Language revitalisation and the transformation of community

Executive summary - English / Welsh / Gaelic

Other material from the first workshop - videos, presentations etc.